We would like to introduce you to Ândrēw Yīsrâ’Ęl an anointed photographer. Andrew takes pictures and seems to capture all God’s creation in motion. From the tiniest insect feeding on nectar, to beautiful birds taking flight, you will be captured by the beauty of his lens.

We are partnering with Ândrēw to make these photographs available to you on canvas. Fifty percent of the profit will go to the ministry and fifty percent to Ândrēw.

Pricing is as follows: 12″x16″ – $43.99 plus shipping and tax.
16″x20″ – $59.99 plus shipping and tax.
24″x36″ – $119.99 plus shipping and tax.
32″x48″ – $199.99 plus shipping and tax.

Email your order to itsallabouthiminc@gmail.com

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