Walter: what some readers had to say about the book…

Walter: What one reader had to say!

Format: Paperback

As someone who lost my first wife to cancer when she was 42, leaving me with two young children to raise on my own, I think I relate to this story all too well. As good stories go, each character in “Walter: The Homeless Man” is so well drawn, that on some level, I found myself relating to each one. For me, the message of “Walter: The Homeless Man” is forgiveness. Without it there is no moving on. No getting well. No life worth living. “Walter: The Homeless Man” illustrates on every page why it is so important for us to forgive ourselves, others, even God for the horrible things that happen in our lives. Thankfully, there are a few people like Tekoa Manning who have discovered the wonderful miracle of forgiveness; and through the vehicle of Walter and a cast of imperfect characters, young and old, we are assisted in our journey down a road that leads us home. And now I must go out and buy a homing pigeon.

By Deborah Testa on November 30, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

Walter is a book for everyone. It’s a story about longing and loss, about finding ourselves through any circumstance. Through the characters in this book you learn the different ways that people with varying backgrounds and personalities deal with loss and a longing for what they don’t have. There is a character in Walter that everyone will be able to relate to, either personally or by knowing someone like them. Each chapter will leave you excited to read the next. As your attachment grows for one character, you will soon find yourself attached to another and even another. The way the author draws these varying personalities together creates an intrigue and suspense that will leave you thinking about this book every time you have to put it down. Walter teaches us that life sometimes gives people circumstances that can change them and the way they are perceived by others, even how they perceived themselves. It’s a lesson in why we should never rush to judgment. I highly recommend Walter The Homeless Man to both men and women, and I eagerly await the sequel.

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