Adair County Public Library’s Book Signing

I was so blessed by the Adair County Public Library and my marketer, Paige Nickel, on Tuesday! After meeting with the director, Lee Ann Jessee, she agreed to offer Walter the Homeless Man and Polishing Jade as reading material on their shelves. Each librarian present made me feel warm and special. I want to thank Ernestine, Anita, Aleina, and Jewel for staying late and providing snacks and beverages for the people who came and also for purchasing copies of my books. What a blessing these ladies were. I also would like to thank my cousins and family members for coming out to support me.

Two exceptional young ladies also made the book signing memorable, and I was honored to get to know them better. The evening was very surreal for me. When I started writing stories in a spiral notebook at the age of thirty, I never dreamed that one day they would be published and available to the public.

I can remember sitting in my brother’s house, a landing spot for me and my children after a divorce and wondering where we would eventually call home. I also began to ponder what I would do if I had no family and was literally homeless. And that is how I conjured up this character Walter in my mind. What if he were able to seek shelter in a person’s home when they were at work? What if he could be supplied with food, water, and shelter from the elements unknowingly? But what if he eventually changed their lives and also the lives of a whole host of characters intertwined to the homeowner? Walter and his homing pigeon indeed find their compasses back home, but what a journey they invoke upon.

A young lady in 2nd grade wanted to video me speaking Tuesday night at the library. She held my husband’s phone up and recorded my speech. What a little darling she was. Later I watched myself speak with trembling words as I attempted to read an excerpt from Walter a little too fast.  I was aware after viewing the tape that I need to prepare better for these types of events! Ha! But I was also aware that a high school dropout like myself, with only an associate’s degree to show for, had come full circle. Yes, my tattered past, homelessness, and sickness were now being used for His glory. I stand in awe of the grace and gift of My Creator.

My husband and I felt led to pray for two special women present and as my husband began to pray I glanced up at the Librarians and the people present and noticed that they too had their heads bowed. Amazing!

We are looking forward to our next events on Friday, September 11th on Market Off Main, Campbellsville, KY, and the 12th at The Fall Heritage Festival at the Home Place_ Green River, Columbia KY.

Hope to see you there!



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  1. Lavonna says:

    Good Job Bonnie!!!!! Sorry we can’t be there to support you physically, but pray that God will bless you and your writing. Keep it up. Don’t ever feel inferior. Remember we are children of a king, the King of all kings, and we can do all things through God who strengthens us.

    Love ya.


    1. Thanks Lavonna for this encouraging word!
      Love ya too!


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