I Am Full

joseph coat

You slapped your words at me
You whispered to the others about my coat
How it shined more than most
Who do I think I am?
That dreamer
You insulted my Maker and chattered with hatred
as if some birds beak would not carry the morsels
then lay them at my feet.
I don’t read them anymore
I stop in mid sentence
I stopped after your apprehension
To say it to my face
And to the ones who do
Here is my fuse
keep on pouring your gasoline on me
because it’s just fuel for my fire and my fire is beautiful
My smile is beautiful
And I am full
Don’t want what I have
Want what you have
Do not denigrate me
Can’t you see,

I cannot help what the tailor has woven to dress me in
Fetch your own attire
Stop making me tired
Running naked trying to snatch my coat
And then coat it in blood
Or worse spit on it
Go dance your dance with those who love to watch your moves
But if while I dance, you turn green
I’ll dance even harder, more boldly, more Free
Wearing my coat of many colors
My flames licking your feet
My warmth making you melt
Under your scrutiny’ of me


Photo by Robin McMillian.

Poem by Tekoa Manning

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  1. Very to the point. I hope they see themselves in this and repent! Charlene Reams Manning Hens Acre Farm Georgetown, Texas (512) 819-0803

    I was young, and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for food. Psalm 37:25

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