I wrote this poem in 1998 at a very painful time in my life. So thankful for the Father and His healing balm. I hope you enjoy it.

Holes in my Soul

My friends are now obsolete.
And time is bought painfully cheap.
I wonder what’s the score.
As you trickle down my thoughts
With your ever lofty charm
You trickle down my heart and pump away at my mind.
You’re clever, yes, clever.
And slowly goes time.
All along the street
A sidewalk steps on the cracks of my shoes
I can’t seem to spring back.
Can’t kill these lonely blues
My poor suffering soul
Of diluted chemicals taking control
What’s the name of these games?
We all play them in our minds.
And Spirit hides inside darken closets.
Filled with cobweb-infested shrines.
Holy, holy, holy,
Oh, please take a look around.
The world has become frozen.
And with melting, we’ll eventually drown.
“A penny for your thoughts,” he said.
A penny for your soul.
And all along, my tennis shoes are worn out tattered holes.
Who can fill me up again?
Replace this empty void?
Oh, who can patch these lonely blues without stepping on my heart?
Someone grab a spatula, please.
For my heart is now a pancake that painfully lies beneath.
Beneath a sidewalk that’s stuck atop my shoes.
Shoes filled with tattered holes of loneliness and
by Tekoa



  • Lisa Sargent Posted June 8, 2017 1:59 pm

    You are an amazing writer!
    I love the way you combine tattered shoes with how you were feeling!

    • Tekoa Posted June 8, 2017 7:16 pm

      Thanks dear. Did you get a package yet?

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