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Look at the Animals

Andrew 6

Bustling life
Traffic, smog,
Corporate strife
The air is thick
The clocks that tick
The cars race to work
The deadlines and coffee stains
Star Bucks and Starstruck
Sitting the evenings away
Watching the square box that lights up the room
The stars they tap-dance
The moon sits back, illuminating the plants
The breath of creation breathing
Animals scurrying
A busy owl building a nest
Ants marching carrying fruit
Badgers burrowing downtown
Cocoons hanging from limbs
Caterpillars waiting to burst forth
Beautiful Monarchs all aglow
Inhaling spirit
Exhaling glory
They know what they were created to do
The delicate nectar of a flower in bloom
Feeding a bee
A tiny field mouse nibbling a plant
A white-tailed fawn leaping
A nightingale singing Omio Babbino Caro
A Red-tailed hawk soaring
Yes, all creation sings
A spider weaving a silky golden web
A tiny colt, a newborn calf
A tranquil stream
A rushing river filled with salmon
Feeding a black bear
Feeding a king
And here we sit staring at a cell phone that holds no breath
Inside the four walls of a cubicle counting down to death
401k’s and taxes galore
A bloody election.’
A bloody war
Research papers and multiple tests
Waiting for an advancement
Waiting for fame
But look at the animals
They will teach us not to complain

Fling the stress aside
Stretch out your wings, oh daughter, and fly
Splash in a puddle
Kiss in the rain
Throw out your planner
Take a picnic for lunch
And seek out a tree
Eat a baguette with brie
Prickly pears and sesame seeds
Read poetry for a week
Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose
Laying golden eggs
Climb a beanstalk
Sip some tea
Eat a biscuit
Quiet things
Live in the moment
Drink in each day
Fold your hands and fold your knees
Unfold your smiles and face your dreams
Look up at the Creator whose hands measured All the seas
And breathe
Just breathe
And dance
Just dance
In Awe
Of all His Glory
Photo by Andrew Mushekov.


Tekoa Manning is the author of two fictional works, Walter the Homeless Man, and Polishing Jade. She is also the author of several inspirational teaching books including her devotional Thirsting for Water, and Blow a Trumpet in Tekoa, a more in-depth study of the Biblical Feasts. Her popular series, Doctrines of Demons, will be releasing part three during the summer of 2019. These books uncover a plethora of man-made doctrines that have crept in overtime, including heaven, hell, and satan. Manning has been featured numerous times on Hebrew Nation Radio, as well as Messianic Lamb Radio. She has won several awards for her pen, including the Kentuckiana Metroversity poetry prize for Women's History. Her historical fiction was accepted to the Kentucky Book Fair in 2015. Tekoa is a lover and devoted student of God's Word. She is an active blogger whose words help bring healing to the sick, downcast, and those suffering from a broken heart. Manning is a lover of dreams and gifted in the area of interpretation. She is the mother of three sons, one grandson, and the wife of a retired police chief. Tekoa and her husband reside in a small town in Kentucky where the deer roam free.

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