1,000 Words

I am not sure when I started writing this poem or why or whose kitchen I stood in, but possibly it will help all of us think more about words. Ironically when I was finished, it had a word count of 1,000. I know with social media and texting we often take words wrong or quickly respond without thinking about our words. Even still, what if all the words we spoke about ourselves were tasted and measured?

Psalms–Tehillim 139:14 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) ” I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Thy ma’asim (works); and that my nefesh (soul) knoweth very well.”

I dropped words

They shattered on the floor.

Right in front of you

He dropped words, 22 letters crowned with Glory.



Holding the cosmos together

I never meant for my words to fall, or me, for that matter.

But you didn’t seem interested in catching them.

His words sailed through the seas.

They were brightly colored blooms of an almond tree.

My words went soaring through your kitchen towards your heart.

You stood awkwardly and let them fall.

I held Words out for you in the palms of my hands.

Big pink balloon blossoms,

You pulled out a needle and popped them

You squinted your eyes, and then you twisted your mouth.

Yes, you released silent words in ways that needed no explanation.

I acted as if my words were not lying on your cold tile floor.

You stepped on two verses as you maneuvered to the coffee maker.

And flung a few careless words into the air.



Not only did you not catch the ones I gave you.

Later you stopped sending any words at all.

The few that made it into your mouth you spat back out.

I tried to package mine better, and I held them in my mouth for a bit.

Measuring their worth before releasing them to you

I added hues of ruddy sunburst and hints of emerald green.

Tiny delicate touches to make the words kinder, sweeter.

I bounced words up and down like a basketball.

Then polished them up like golden apples.

But you kept looking for a worm.

Inspecting them for flaws

I extended them again.

Take these pretty words from me, I said

Yet they dangled there in mid-air

Words suspended with no one to grasp them.

Just hanging there like a dangling modifier.

And why?

Was there something so ugly inside of my soul that your eyes bore holes?

I left and came back another day.

I brought different words.

Yes, that day. . .

I held words in my fist.

I clenched them tightly to my chest and blew them into the air.

Into your face

I looked intently into your eyes.

Like a breath of wind, the words breathed

You made your face like stone and wrapped it in a marketed smile.

A fissure really

Like a pumpkin face

Perhaps you didn’t know how to taste the words I used from His Word?

The power of them is mightier than the sword.

Forged in fire and blasted with Ruach


They are like the gilded wings of a bird taking flight.


Like a wasp stinger embedded in our soul

We wad up words and layer them with love, judgment, and hate.

Then fling them in the face.

Or throw none at all.









Some words smell like a rotten corpse,

Lying naked on the floor

Other words float above like a tuft of cotton.

Our jaws can bring a stale perfume.

Thoughtless words dissipate before noon.


Words that linger on the surface

Words that rattle from a cage

Words that splatter candle wax

And words that type





Empty words from comic books and politicians with a hook

Words from the young still tainted with puffs of air, pride and sexual flair.

Words like magic carpet rides

And words like diamonds light up the skies.

Words as thick as molasses

Words that comfort heal and hold

Words that open doors and shut

Words from babes who utter sounds

And all the words that fell to the ground –

That no one caught or let soak in,

To lend an ear or be a friend

And all these words clutched in my fist.

I hope one day to breathe on paper and send words that sail the seas.

Words layered with Torah seeds and honey from bees.

Words that stand up tall and hold sounds

Words that were spoken on the Mount and words that cause fires to burst

Words that no longer can break or hurt

Or wound or tear

or make feel bare

Yes, Words that bring a shine.

Words that neither run nor hide

Nor bother to rhyme

Words that are tucked away in shoes

Standing on His Word

Words that form a song that soothes

And words that sing a halleluYah

Words that pump through my veins

For all, I have to give to you are words

I have no fortune; I have no fame,

All I have are these words in the palms of my hands

The ones I picked up off your floor

The ones I washed and prayed over again

I extend

With my frail limp hands










For it is all I have

To give

My Abba Father—

My best friend

The one who washed me with His Words

Like goat milk soap and the freshest rain

Like precious oil upon my head

His Words hold me still.

Help me heal

Turn my heart

Still my soul




King David’s words helped me through many nights.

And Job’s words I carried in my lungs.

Yes, “I know that my Redeemer lives.”

Songs from Solomon

And cries from Jacob.

Wisdom words marching with ants

Proverbial songs and stories that dance

I long to hear from you again.

Without your words, my heart feels bruised

My Abba’s Words are like aged wine.

That gets smoother all the time.

His Words I’ve wholly stored

Tucked and polished and hidden beneath

Inside my soul forever they keep

Like a river of never-ending love

Hold me up by Your Word.

Hold me up by Your Son.

Take my Words and wash them in Yours.

Take these words spilled on the floor.

And whisper to those who no longer speak.

Who step over the words I am trying to fly.

That I love them regardless of my inability to form one word to heal

To still


Storm . . .

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1000 words

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