Tekoa’s Itinerary

Tekoa Manning will be doing a book signing on October 12th at Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, KY from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm CDT.

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  1. Tekoa says:

    So very excited for you and to see what the Lord Adonai has planned. You are a blessing to many. I love you so.


    1. Tekoa says:

      I’m not sure who posted this but it looks like I did. Lol
      I love you so, Jeff Manning!

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  2. JoAnne Stanley says:

    Can’t really top what Jeff had to say…and you have been a blessing to me for sure! My prayer is that no matter how still, how soft His voice is that your would hear every nuance and feel every kiss. May all restoration pour into your life.

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    1. Tekoa says:

      Gosh, that is beautiful! What a way with words you have JoAnne and the ability to make me cry. ❤️
      Yes and amen!

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