A Girl Named Nothing


I feel like nothing
A blob
A splatter of ink evaporated
Less than a piece of dryer lint
Hypnotized by nothing
A senseless meme
An appendage with a screen
No ability to sing
Or scream
Or cry
or pray
Or dance
Or swear
Or see
Or hear
Or heal
No zeal
No perspiration
No energy
Nothing means nothing
Without words
Or breath
Or depth
In the sea of a million faces
A powerless gigawatt
A zero
An empty box
Step aside
Move along,
There’s nothing to see
It’s just a girl named nothing
This is not the time
To tell me I’m something
Take me to the sea
To my seeds, seed
The dirt
The earth
The sand
The breeze
The salty air
The emerald sea
Where I can be NOTHING
And do nothing
And heal from all the SOMETHINGS.

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