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Shalom! My name is Tekoa Manning but some of you know me as Bonnie. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will take look around and enjoy the free blogs and videos. I am the author of several inspirational teaching books perfect for book clubs or study groups for deeper introspection, and I would love to zoom with you.

Below are some excerpts from some of my books–for more info click the shop tab.  

I am also the author of two novels, Walter the Homeless Man and Polishing Jade. Both books are available in Kindle, Paper, and audio. 

Polishing Jade is a book for anyone who has ever suffered abuse. Jade Gentry is a young girl whose past will not control her future even if it cost her everything.  Jade was chosen as distinguished favorite from the NYC Big Book award for women’s fiction in 2020. Let me know if Polishing Jade blesses you. 


Walter the Homeless Man is fast-paced with cliffhangers and suspense. Check out over 35 reviews on Amazon. Here’s one:

“It didn’t take long to become engrossed in the story of Walter and the other characters in this book. I found myself relating to all of them in different ways. When a book can speak to its reader that adeptly, it is a MUST read! Life can be complicated and hard, but finding purpose in the midst of those trials is the door to hope. Not only was the book entertaining, but it was therapeutic as well. It ministered to my heart deeply, and I know that many more need to get their hands on this book and experience its raw vulnerability. It’s not a short book, but finished it in a couple of days simply because I could not put it down.”

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  My latest release is Jumping for Joy in the Midst of Sorrow. 


Can sorrow open the doorway to joy? Tekoa Manning peels back the layers of despair to reveal the key to finding and defining joy. Our suffering is often producing the fruit of the Spirit.
Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy. He who goes out weeping, bearing a trail of seed, will surely return with shouts of joy, carrying sheaves of grain.
–Psalm 126:5-6, BSB

Jumping for Joy is a devotional written in sections to allow the reader to maneuver from topic to topic about joy found in life’s most difficult circumstances. This book is suitable for clubs and study groups and includes a question review page for reflection and study.



Thirsting for water 

If you are interested in the prophets, the school of the prophets set up by Samuel, the characteristics and role of the prophet, as well as testimonies, you can find me on YouTube at Elijah’s Prophetic cup

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Listen to a podcast on dream interpretation below: Here Comes That Dreamer!


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