Painting is Therapy

For me, painting is good medicine. I can pick up a brush and a blank canvas and cover it in anything I envision. Sometimes I choose to pick up a pen instead but the paint brush is for days when I don’t want to think. Do you like to paint? I’d love to see some of your work in the comment sections.


This is a longhorn I painted from inspiration at my uncle Walt and beanie’s farm.

I painted this painting during a blizzard while house-sitting at my friend MaryAnn’s house. I think we got 18 inches of snow. These are birch trees–colorful.

This painting is a replica of a painting I made for one of my sons. I found a magazine advertisement with a similar image, and it inspired me. I named this one The Naked Church.

This is a painting I started doing shortly after I was married. I created it for my daughter-in-law. The woman in the painting reminded me of her and she is a beautiful butterfly. I titled this one, The Becca.

This painting was purchased by my sister years ago and hung in her home for over a decade. It now resides at a friends lake house.

This is one of the first paintings I did that I liked. I gave it to my sister for a birthday gift or housewarming gift. It hung over her dining room table for years until she sold the house. It now hangs in my kitchen, unsigned and unnamed. A Basket of Fruit?

Several of these paintings were gifts for family or friends. I hope you enjoyed them.

Sam's Boat

Tekoa’s Art 

These sunflowers were painted for my cousins, Sheila and Stephanie.

This photo hangs in Washington state at a dear friends house. It was a watercolor painting and the photo is very blurry, but in person it is much more detailed and gives a soothing feeling.

There is a process to painting. Here is a sample. This painting hangs in my sister-in-laws house.

This woman is one of my favorite paintings. She just brings me Son Shine!

This is an abstract painting I did many moons ago. You either love it or hate it.

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