Beer, Bibles, and Bread

I don't know what you want to leave behind before you go, but I have several things I yearn to do before departing. Some of those things require money (missionary work); others need little if any, money. What we do here matters— both the good and the not-so-good. It all has repercussions. Part of writing... Continue Reading →


If you have been counting up to the day that commemorates the outpouring of the Spirit (Shavuot/Pentecost), today is said or thought to be the day Eli's sons grabbed the Ark and ran out to battle against the Philistines and died. Upon hearing the news, their father, Eli, the high priest falls backward and breaks... Continue Reading →

Enmeshment, Human Behavior Series Part VI

  Continuing in the Human Behavior Series, Part VI series concerns enmeshment and disengagement. These are vital for healing and boundary setting. What is enmeshment? Enmeshment is a term coined by family therapist Salvador Minuchin to describe a relationship pattern in which personal boundaries are unclear or nonexistent. This means the people involved are emotionally fused or dependent... Continue Reading →

New Releases and Updates

Here at Manning the Gate Publishing, we have been swamped behind the scenes. We are learning the ropes of professional publishing, digital outlets, marketing, and interviewing illustrators. We were so blessed to learn that one of our dear Sisters in the Lord, a wise woman full of good works, has a granddaughter gifted in all... Continue Reading →


  So far in this series concerning the study of human behavior/Psychology, I have covered "The Know It All," "Passive-aggressive behavior, Codependency, and the martyr complex. Today we are going to look at triangulation. I don’t have time to cover the golden child and the scapegoat in this session, but it has much to do... Continue Reading →

Satan Unmasked is Available.

Many of you have already received this newsletter, but for those who haven't, we wanted to let you know how excited we are to finally release Part I of the series. It has been a most difficult 3 months and we needed some joy. When women prepare for a baby they name it, clothe it,... Continue Reading →

Musing–The Woman at the Well

I'm working on a blog ( Old Rags, Josephs Bones, Jacobs Well, and a Samaritan woman)  That compares the woman at the well to Joseph, Jeremiah, and many women at wells. Yes, even Moses sat down at a well after fleeing Egypt. While working on the blog last week, I started noticing the art of... Continue Reading →