Beer, Bibles, and Bread

I don’t know what you want to leave behind before you go, but I have several things I yearn to do before departing. Some of those things require money (missionary work); others need little if any, money.
What we do here matters— both the good and the not-so-good. It all has repercussions.
Part of writing books is telling others why you labored for months or years to create the story, the plot, or research history and gain knowledge and understanding for your book. A book today that took years of research is offered for free at times or can be purchased on Kindle for less than a happy meal dinner. Depending on the purchaser, it can be eaten fast, listened to while driving, or slowly savored in tiny bites.
A book can be judged harshly or praised by acquaintances and family without the reader ever understanding the cost of what they hold in their hands. Of course, not all books are well written— and not all covers convey the inside of a book or a person.
My mother was a woman of dreams and visions. One of her visions/ dreams concerned my oldest son. He looked 12 or 13 in her dream and was carrying a giant Bible. My mom said it was so large—Indeed; she wondered how he could carry it.

While visiting last week, my oldest son told me he bought my new release, Satan Unmasked, and started reading it. He said, “Mom your book, with all its references and scriptures, made me want to read my Bible. I’ve read through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Judges, and I’m starting Ruth now.”
This is one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received. My heart could not contain my feelings. Who am I? A flower quickly fading.
I told my son that Ruth is read on Shavuot/Pentecost during this season by many. Sometimes we are in the season and don’t even know it. We are just following the Wind—the Holy Spirit/ Ruach. We too attempt to become like Ruth–one day at a time, gradually learning and becoming better humans–Leaving our comfort zone and removing our self-focus to help another.

One night while my son and his family were visiting last week, we sat outside and shared an excellent IPA, and as the wind blew a nice breeze from the palm trees and the moon lit up the night sky, we discussed Bibles, the canon, and the books that were not added—historical writings. Oral traditions, dead sea scrolls, and topics like the many books Protestants do not accept called the Apocrypha (hidden books). Regardless of if they are scripture or not, they hold historical value.

Back to Ruth: My son married a woman whose father lost two brothers to drunk drivers. One of his brothers survived Vietnam and yet died in a car wreck. My Daughter-in-law is one of three daughters. Her grandfather was an orphan who became quite successful, a believer in the Messiah, and wrote a personal memoir of his life under the sun and his loss of two sons. My oldest son took on his last name. He, like Boaz, is a kinsman redeemer. And like Ruth, he left behind the pain of Moab for a new life. Traveling to the House of Bread is a beautiful journey that’s also filled with loss and pain.

Hearing my son say my new release caused him to want to read/study his Bible was worth a decade of labor. Today, I’m blessed to know that this life under the sun, with all its ups and downs, pain, and glee, sometimes brings blessings, blessings too wonderful to contain. Listening to my son discuss how he had read through the whole Torah since purchasing Satan Unmasked, released in March, was astounding to me.

Why did my son grab his Bible? Because he had to see if what I was quoting was correct and in the Book. Satan is not who or what we were taught at the watering hole. It’s time to unveil the truth concerning ha Satan.
I learn new things every day. Teachers need teachers. Teachers can be lovely people. Mentors can be wonderful companions. I have several I’ve never met in person, others I know deeply.
Today is whipping by fast. Do what He called you to do. Do it for yourself. Do it because He said so. Do it even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if you never get a gold star, a Pulitzer Prize, a trophy, a number one best-seller, become the company’s CEO, or a million Instagram followers. What matters is the journey–relationships, the outcome.

Words are powerful! One woman’s words changed my whole life at 30 years old. Today while you speak, notice what you say. If you realize it could have been softer, louder, kinder, or less or more authoritative, don’t beat yourself up– try harder tomorrow.

Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all your might, for in Sheol, where you are going, there is no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 9:10, BSB

One last thing:  God never said don’t have a drink, He said don’t be a drunkard. He never said don’t eat food, but instead, don’t be a glutton. He never said don’t have sex, He said don’t commit adultery. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Religious spirits are terrible spirits. When we think the worst of others, we do a discredit to the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Put your blinders on and run your race.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

poet Mary Oliver


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  1. My heart rejoices over the beautiful moment Mother and son shared. I love me a good IPA and a cool evening breeze. This writing is a breath of fresh air.

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