Are They Not Written?

Isn’t it interesting that when we read about the kings after their deaths, it says, “Now the rest of the acts of _______ and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah?” As if to say, he is just a man— here’s what he... Continue Reading →

A Poopy Situation

To be low. To sink. To bow lowly. To be humbled. We mostly think in our innermost parts that we are good because of things we do and don’t do. Things we think and don’t think upon. How we see. How we hear. But none of us escape being toxic, bitter, angry, demanding, self-seeking, etc.... Continue Reading →

Oliver Anthony and Fudge Rounds

I’ve been on welfare in the past. I’m overweight , and I’ve had my share of little Debbie Cakes, and I’m not offended by Oliver Anthony, nor do I see him as being any harsher than Stephen before they stoned him to death. Fudge Rounds might mean more than you know. I’ve lived quite a... Continue Reading →

It’s A Damn Shame

About a year ago, I felt in my spirit that the Father was raising up prophets like Amos. I’ve pondered this much, but the message hit me again this week as Oliver Anthony broke the internet with his song Rich Men North of Richmond( revelations 3:17). The music was raw, and he added a few... Continue Reading →

Like One Whom Men Hide Their Faces.

One of the prayers I prayed years ago was, "Father, I want to write words that cause people to weep, scream, yell, laugh, shout, leap with joy, and feel all the emotions that numb people who have hardened their hearts through grief and tragedy no longer feel." Have you ever felt numb? I have. To... Continue Reading →

Look Again

Has the moon ever followed you home? Alone Has anyone ever loved you when you were naked Vulnerable No fillers No filters When you needed an eraser A do-over When the stars were not visible And you heard no truth To their voice To their love For You? Is there anyone in your life who... Continue Reading →