Relationships Since 2020, the Real Virus

Some of the things that have occurred since 2020 have altered our lives and relationships in ways that I find no words for. It started with the word crown–then a mask, and Clorox wipes. In the beginning, we all were a tad overwhelmed. What is this corona? Where did it come from? We were singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it,” … Continue reading Relationships Since 2020, the Real Virus

person holding plate of pancakes

The Head of John

My grandparents gathered in one-roomed buildings of their communities to sing hymns, pray and read the Bible every Sunday. They called the Messiah by the name Jesus. They knew nothing of the 7th day Sabbath. My grandparents and parents had no knowledge of a Mikvah but went humbly down to a river. They were baptized by a pastor who had no Hebrew or Greek at … Continue reading The Head of John