Chief, Happy Blessed Birthday!

I wanted to dedicate this blog to my husband, Jeff Manning. Today is his birthday. I hope this Memoir entry is a blessing to you as well. It was New Year's Eve, 2012, and I had known Jeff Manning for a little less than a year. Being Chief of police in a small city, he... Continue Reading →

Lady Bug Charlie

About a month ago, I received a private dream, and one character in the dream-- a small talking reddish-brown hen with a bright red ladybug lit upon her back, captured my attention for various reasons. For one, this timid hen was floundering around and trying to hide under a couch cushion. The other reason was... Continue Reading →

Who Has a Broken Heart?

Who Has a Broken Heart? Memoir Chapter One morning in 2010, I peered into the reflection of the mirror, and I wondered who the person was staring back at me. I had been too depleted financially to get my hair done at a beauty shop and was taken by a friend to a hair design... Continue Reading →

Boot Camp

~Memoir~ Chapter 5 Boot Camp It seemed like it only took months for my sickness to progress into a total meltdown. I felt depleted of every ounce of strength. Like wafting wet paper, I floated along drained. It was a weekday in winter, and the chill was all around me. I could smell death and... Continue Reading →