Health Update and New Release

A few weeks ago, after sharp pain in my side, we went to the ER. I was given a cat scan that confirmed a hernia behind where my colostomy surgery was performed. We were given a surgeon's name, but that has significantly improved. And due to the complications of the prior surgery, we are not... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability and Suffering

I am stepping out of my comfort zone to share with you a personal story concerning my journey with gastroparesis. This is difficult for me as an author who teaches and speaks life, but lives in pain. Part of the recent move to Florida was to revisit the specialists at the Mayo Clinic. We just... Continue Reading →

Free Chapter on Sickness

  Sickness and Disease Years ago, when I was severely sick with a neurological disease and fibromyalgia, I attended a small assembly with a kind pastor. I noticed the pastor often looked at me with a peculiar expression. His eyes would shift to my cane and my wobbly legs, then gaze back up as if... Continue Reading →

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