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  1. Joan Smith says:

    I have had the privilege of reading “Polishing Jade” and could not put it down once I started reading. As the Executive Director of Lifehouse Maternity Home my day is filled with stories of young women just like Jade. How I wish every young woman could find a Miss Renee!! Daily we receive calls from young women who are frightened and need help as they realize they are going to have a child and there is no loving individual to support them and lead them to healing. Lifehouse is here for that reason.
    All of our residents will be reading “Polishing Jade” and Tekoa and her husband Jeffrey will be joining us for dinner in the near future, as our residents will have the opportunity to meet this talented woman and talk with her personally about her career, her life’s journey and her faith in God.
    What a joy for me to meet this amazing and talented woman. I know that God’s has sent her to our doors for a reason!!

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  2. Heather Lamb says:

    It was a blessing to meet you last Saturday at half price books in Louisville. .I told my granddaughter about the book.she is excited to read it.

    Heather lamb

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    1. Tekoa says:

      It was so great to meet you as well! I really hope she enjoys the book. Keep me posted.


  3. Heather Lamb says:

    I will…..take care



  4. Heather Lamb says:

    Hi ..I told my granddaughter about your book…she cant wait to read it


    1. Tekoa says:

      Awesome. I hope it blesses her Heather Lamb!


  5. Lynette Smith says:

    I have read Polishing Jade and Walter the Homeless Man and found both to be very touching stories that speak to the many elements of flawed human nature, and a path to redemption. There may be a little healing for everyone in their pages.

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