Doctrines of Demons Series

Traditions of Man vs The Truth of Yeshua

After a Neurological illness left Tekoa Manning immobile for a short period and eventually disabled, she began to devour Adonai’s Word. Manning delved into scriptures on demons, healing, and an adversary known to the Christian world as Satan. Shortly after going into remission, God opened a door for her in the deliverance ministry, where she was met face to face with these demons of darkness. On this journey, she began to see contradictions in the teachings she had been taught all of her life. Had she been fed traditions of men instead of the truth of Yeshua?
Tekoa’s constant thorough searching soon uncovered verses she had never heard taught from the pulpit. The Holy Spirit spoke to Manning and told her to erase everything she had been fed and start over. Revelation began pouring forth, and the Hebrew behind the message illuminated the truth.
Tekoa Manning examines topics that have divided a body of believers for some time now, including Doctrines of Demons that have crept into the Messianic assemblies concerning Satan. After reading this book, you will come away with a better understanding of God’s character, His creation, and yes, even the adversary.

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