Health Update and New Release

A few weeks ago, after sharp pain in my side, we went to the ER. I was given a cat scan that confirmed a hernia behind where my colostomy surgery was performed. We were given a surgeon’s name, but that has significantly improved. And due to the complications of the prior surgery, we are not sure a repair is an option.

A few days later, I began having sharp pains in my left leg. It felt like an ice pick. We ended up back at the ER, and after three nights of intense pain, my leg went completely numb, and at one point, I was dragging it in a drop-foot fashion. An MRI was scheduled, and it revealed more lesions on my brain. I have had two lesions since 2006. I have been a Multiple Sclerosis suspect for over 15 years and have been diagnosed before, but had it taken away due to the criteria of 4 lesions or more. My medical chart from Mayo Clinic in 2014 stated “Treat this patient as if she has MS and give her steroids for exacerbations.” Due to dangers from steroids my doctors in KY stopped my treatments. Hopefully, now I can get the medicine I need to stop the progression of this. I’m on low dose steroids and doing better but still weak. I have been researching this for a long time and am doing what I can to juice and bring natural healing, but I also like feeling my lower extremities, so steroids are needed.
On top of all this, my 86-year-old father, my middle son, and my sister contracted Covid. All are doing better. I am thankful that my sister was there to care for my father even though she was very fatigued and hurting.

Sounds like a bad country song. 🙂

As you can imagine, my new release came to a complete halt.

Satan Unmasked should be out sooner than later. The edits are completed, and my book designer is working on the finishing touches for all 4 covers. Thank you to all who commented on their favorite book design. Thank you, Lynette for all your hard work. I’ll be posting the final cover soon and taking preorders from anyone interested.

Since my husband and I started our ministry, “It’s All About Him,” we have provided monies for the food and needs of the poor and spent hours counseling individuals or investing in the dreams given by the Holy One to others. Our ministry supports several orphanages, and we donate to other ministry outreaches as well. This year we were also able to purchase a new laptop for a missionary who is a widow. Our book sales go back into the ministry. Book covers and editors, along with web design, website expenses, and other expenses, have left us in need.

We know the Father has given me this pen, and we feel sure the information in the subsequent releases will help bring more knowledge, unity, freedom and healing to many.
If you feel led to give, you can click the donate button on our website or make a check payable to “It’s All About Him Inc.”
As always, I appreciate everyone’s love, prayers, cards, and concern. I appreciate my faithful readers and their encouragement. Forgive me if I have not answered you yet. I am trying to catch up.
While sick, I’ve written a rhyming tale for my grandsons, finished a YA novel, and compiled a book of poetry. Perhaps if I were healthier, I would not have so much time to write, which brings me great joy. Completed manuscripts are stacking up, and that is a good thing. Hopefully, I can prepare some of my other manuscripts for querying an agent to be published. This is on my bucket list. What is on yours?

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. My husband was kind enough to take me to the pier so I could sit and look at one of my favorite things, the sea.


Tekoa Manning


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