I Bet You Have

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Have you ever heard the Dawn awaken?

The calm?

Cascading down your soul

When morning walks in

When the robins sing

And the dogwoods bloom

And speak your name

To welcome you?

I bet you have.

Have you ever thought of coffee plants with waxy leaves and cherry beans when you drink your first cup? 

Or pictured tea from a special garden where hands in another world inspected the leaves for you? 

 Imported them to brew,

 So you could squeeze a drop of lemon juice 

or honey from a hive,

Feel the steam hit your face, and kiss your taste buds with morning grace?

I bet you have.

Have you ever walked upon the sea?

At night?

Pale moon aglow.

One shimmering fish

And you just gliding through on glass.

And sand stretching across the land to bathe the sea in.

I bet you have.

Have you ever tasted gratitude

For a pair of shoes?

Fresh woven socks or

 Freshly fallen snow

Pure and soft and silently covering the earth with a hush

Like a fresh baby sleeping in your arms

Tucked tightly in a security blanket

In winter?

I bet you have.

Have you ever danced?

With two left feet and no shoes on your feet,

Just white sand

Waves crashing inland

And you running into the sea

Salty scented air

Palm trees bending in the breeze like a prima



I bet you have.

Have you ever tasted sunbeams?

From a fishing boat

two bobbers afloat

With wide eyed boys talking too loud

a blue gill hitting a hook, baited with worm

and tugging the line so you could have a fish fry?

I bet you have.


Have you ever cried until the well ran dry?

And the ache was so intense you coughed and sputtered, screamed, and sighed, cursed and begged until that part of you died? 

Have you ever reminisced about the years that fell away,

the years you never lived and the people you never knew but thought you did 

until it was too late?

I bet you have.

Have you ever ran

Into the wind

Hair stinging your face

Leaves rustling

Changing colors like your hair

Weaving lines in your skin 

foliage rustling breathing

then crackling into the earth

Mountains dancing with deer and rams with funny horns

Hinds feet climbing higher and wanting to soar

In autumn?

I bet you have.

Have you ever traveled to the desert?

On a camel with an Arab?

Heated red plains

A wilderness of pain

Hairy garments and hairy men living among

scorpions and snakes—

Speaking words that vibrate

Have you ever raced to a well

unclogged hidden waters your ancestors dug for you

Saints you never knew?

calling you to drink deeply 

I bet you have.

Have you ever seen the Mona Lisa?

A girl with a pearl



What about Monet’s Poplars at Giverny?

Or the persistence of memory?

Have you looked through the eyes of Van Gogh

a starry night swirling with motion

When all the world was aglow with lights

Bathed in stardust

 His creation glory

when evening and morning came

Before there was rain

Before there was a man to till the land

And keep it

When He saw everything He made

Including you

and He said that it was all good?”

I bet you have.

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