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I’m a Girl Named Something!

I am Something
A human soul
Growing old
No longer standing up straight
But in my younger days,
I turned my face toward the sun
Now I’m bowing my head like wheat
An aged sunflower drinking in the heat
One that’s had her day to dance
One that used to have a bright yellow


Oh, Bonnie, would you take a look at you!
Standing there so tall.
Disc florets in golden browns
Stigma grasping the sky like a crown
Pollen for bees
And birds to drink
Cologne specialists like thieves
Spritzing and spraying they take
But I no longer care
Or fake or throw off
Or hide my strengths

Full of zeal

Now, I’m fading
And feeling the Wind whisper
Shhh, be Still

Suddenly I’m bringing a hint of fragrance.
But not overpowering a room
I’ve spread my seeds to the wind
Now it’s time to bend
And sway
And drink up the rain
And watch what I’ve planted grow
Yes, I’ve become content with all things old

Look at me
I’m Something
In time you will be just as I am
A flower quickly fading
Petals escaping
Seeds blowing in the wind

What a wonderful Creator
Oh, please stop and gawk at me
For unlike A Girl Named Nothing
I’m truly Something to see.

I like my new skin, although it’s lined and creased
In this new season, I’m suddenly free to be me
With all my imperfections and all my jewels too
I’m singing, Daughter of the Highest
Please take a look at you!

I’m a human being
I’m a woman, soft and kind
I’m a wife and mother,
a sister and a friend
I’m a writer and a poet
I’m a novelist and a priest
I’m a prophet and a tailor
I’m a seamstress for the Queen

If you don’t fancy my aroma
Perhaps you’ll like the daffodils
I’m not forcing you to stay
or read
or see
my truest
Not every flower dressed more exquisite than Solomon
Is found lovely in the eyes of the beholder
But in my aged skin
I’ll stand bolder in the fabric floral that my King’s dressed me in

For, Yes,
I Am Something
I’m a human soul
My womb has felt life kick three times.
What wonders to behold.
Now I have Grandsons who bring laughter
and they indeed shine.
With grand names
And grand grins
And grand imaginations
Born to shine like the stars in the heavens
Born to leave their own marks
Two little boys full of life
Just budding anew
All their days in the sun have barely begun
But I, too, have been held and nursed.
And spanked
And cursed
And nurtured
By a Mother Hen
At times one who would not let me in
Her secret place
Or was it me who could not see?

I’ve swam in the lakes and the seas
Ran and skipped, jumped and leaped
I’ve laughed with joy and severely wept
I’ve loved, and I’ve hated
And been loved and hated in return
I’ve sinned with the best of sinners
I’ve cursed and drank,
And I’ve worshipped with those who professed to be saints
And found that none of us are

I’ve pointed my index finger
And found four pointing back at me
I’ve judged and been judged alike
I’ve breathed in new creation and ignored its wondrous sights
I’ve seen the best of my life and I’ve seen the worst
I’ve been mocked
And Torn
I’ve been misunderstood
Ostracized and spit upon

I’ve been
And kissed
I’ve meditated on all my mistakes
And forgiven myself
I’ve run my race with friends and foes
I tried on several shoes
Settling for a pen
That leaks ink in different hues

Look at me. I’m a human
I’m Something
I’m not A Girl Named Nothing
I have a name
One my mother gave me
And my husband too
One the holy one gave me
I’m a girl named Ruth

I’ve lived through many seasons.
Now, I’m a Moonflower, blooming at night
I close up my blossoms during the day
My luster turning silvery grey
My petals slowly dropping

One by one
My stem shrinking
My leaves wilting
Drying up
And finally falling back into the earth
The dirt
The dust
From which I’ve come

I have a name
Look at me
Hasn’t my life been
Has not yours?
With all its pain and suffering
Healing and strength
Halt the traffic
Stop the cars
For I am truly a woman named something
and more than that,

I am Beautifully
Free in my skin,
My faded yellows
My bowing head
My day in the sun
My day in the breeze
My day in the fall
And the winter freeze

What’s your name, oh, blossoming fruit?
Shout with me
For we are profoundly something


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  1. you are indeed something to see–behold–looking with eyes that behold Him in you. That is also who you are. The one created in His image and He is verrrrrrryyyyy creative. Aren’t we something? Two snowflakes that make a whole world look white and clean and new. You are a trip my Bonniesister! This one in the book. now please!!

    1. I love you, Sister, mentor, friend and encourager. After writing a A Girl Named Nothing, I realized many did not get it, so penned this to compliment how we can feel from day to day. In the book it shall go! LOL

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