Look Again

Has the moon ever followed you home?


Has anyone ever loved you when you were naked


No fillers

No filters

When you needed an eraser

A do-over

When the stars were not visible

And you heard no truth

To their voice

To their love



Is there anyone in your life who doesn’t want anything in return?

Not a thank you

Not a raise

Not an accolade

Or information

To twist

To turn

On you?

Has the sun ever hidden behind dark clouds when you needed light

Or shined so bright

You could not see

For all the trees

That tried to hide your view

Or change it?

Have you ever discarded your dress for a new robe?

New shoes

To carry


To places you’ve never seen

A covenant ring from above

A different kind of love

Have you ever unzipped

A skin suit

Shedding years of regret

To drink in all things new

Under a crescent moon

When the tide washes over your feet

And you learn to dance alone

Under the heavens

Or in the rain

Without an umbrella?

Have you ever lost your legs and had to grow a new, sturdier pair?

Have you ever looked in a mirror without searching for lines,

grey hair,

or covering your beauty with makeup and a mask to disguise you?

Can you peer into the eyes the Creator created to shine and not become blind to your authentic self?

Where is the person who got lost along the way?

Who’s this figure staring back at you?

Say hello again for the first time,

And beckon the day in all its array of light to cause you to breathe

All over again.

Erase the words that have been written concerning your identity and rewrite the next chapter, Ruth

Leave the dust of Moab in the distance

And follow bitter Naomi to the House of Bread where dreams unfold during the gathering of sheaves.

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