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Crystal Perez, co-host at Elijah’s Prophetic Cup, is an author and teacher at Tekiah Perez Blog. She is a woman of valor who creates beautiful banners and artwork at her Etsy shop. A homeschooler to six children and one of the kindest souls I have ever met.  Below you will find the links to both. A portion of all her works profit goes to help orphans and widows.

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Cheri Fox

Third Cup Ministries: My dear friend Cheri has a passion for orphans and has traveled to Malawi several times. Her passion doesn’t stop there, she has a desire to minister to those no one sees. The shut-ins, the widows, the sick and hurting and she does it with grace and beauty.


Dr. Hollisa Alewine is a Bible genius. She can make your brain do rabbit trails and go places you’ve never ventured before. She is a very humble teacher who supports orphans and widows.  Her foundational teaching, The Creation Gospel is a teaching that unveils the work of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation through the light of the menorah. This teaching is a must! Her teaching book Standing With Israel calls Christians from every nation to come to Israel’s side, stand with her, pray with her, and be a light to the nations Her BEKY Books bring knowledge that helps build unity and love in the Body of Yeshua. 




My longtime friend, Kisha Gallagher has a beautiful website with much healing and strength for women as well as a plethora of knowledge on His feasts and Torah studies. She is a BEKY book author and the author of Grace in Torah. You can get lost for hours reading her blogs because her pen will suck you in. Spirit and Truth, here!



Healing for the Nations with A Modern Day Samaritan Woman

Laura Lee has an amazing voice for the downhearted, those who have been in abusive relationships. She ministers to the addicts and gets to the root of dysfunction. Her voice is unique and needed for healing and encouragement.




The Reckless Love World Missions Facebook Group. A missions group whose heart is for India, its widows, and orphans. The group’s founder is Brandy Loy Ramey, my dear cousin, and friend. She is a loyal servant and builder for the Kingdom.




Elijah’s Prophetic Cup YouTube

Elijah’s Prophetic Cup is a channel for those interested in the prophets, the five-fold ministry according to Ephesians 4, and Messiah, Yeshua. We are given a promise in Malachi that the Father will send the spirit of Elijah the prophet before the great day of Adonai. Elijah’s prophetic voice is arising to turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. We cover many unique topics that are much needed for His Body to become unified and mature.





Lynette Smith is a wonderful graphic designer. She has done much work for my banners and book marketing. Lynette designed my latest book cover for Jumping for Joy: In the Midst of Sorrow. Check her out below.



Faith based portfolio:
Lynette Marie Smith

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