Muddy Words

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The Sleeping Lady

This is a poem I wrote for a dear friend about 9 or 10 years ago? I changed the end a bit. Deb, this is for you. Love you much!
“Muddy waters running ever so slow,
Thick sludge
Muddy feet and muddy hands that have sunk in the mire
You are toiling and battling uphill.
I will bring you out of that place.

I will write words that move the earth and soar across the skies.
Words that invade hearts
I will write words that weep and rent and shriek.
And echo love and hate.
And every emotion it will ever take
To drag you through that muddy place.
And out again

I will write words that illuminate a soul and stir melodies.
And memories
And take people to places and scenes.
Words that yelp
Words that engulf
Words that spark fires
Enduring words of POWER
Words as small as mustard seeds
Words that evoke the highest mountain to crumble
And bring it down
Words that reach the tallest cedars
Words that mesmerize and calm a frightened child
Words that uplift a kite to fly a thousand suns

I will send these words through the air, through the mail.
Across continents and space, the oceans, rivers, and streams.
And every bookcase shelf, like Harry Potter’s quest.
In satchels too,
And every library, in every state.
And turn them into languages I cannot enunciate.
Just to get to you

I will baptize words.
And cover them with anointed oil.
And every prayer that was ever stored between my lips.
To drag you through that muddy place.
And out again

I will bring helicopters and planes, and military tanks,
Even the Calvary if that’s what it takes to get to you
I will take words and wash them in dew and sunlight.
And soil and moonlight and bring forth seeds.
And plant them where there are still honey bees to pollinate them.
To get to you
I will print them in bold and every color ink.
And every verse is already predestined, prepared,
To prevail
To get to you and pull you through those muddy trenches.
I will fight depression, poverty, tears, and weakness.
I will stay focused
Reach through all the pain
Crawl through the beaten crowds of people
Touch the hem of His garment
And pray
That His Words will bathe your soul
And cover you
And do all the things I just have no power to do
With these few words, I have in my palms to offer you.
But His Word lasts forever, and they indeed do have the power.
To heal and blanket you in PEACE.
Then you and I will swim out of the mud into the crystal sea.”


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