Pink Flamingos and Prophetic Sand

I found the poem at the end of this blog in an old email or note box on my phone. It was jotted down in September of 2019, and it’s a beach poem I wrote while visiting Florida. Now we are here. So strange to read it and remember the journey of how it happened. It started at Passover. My husband washed my feet at our Seder in a planter to plant large plants or small trees. He then dried my feet with a pink beach towel that said Florida in colorful stitching. The scene seemed to pop out at me. I asked Abba if He was going to uproot us and replant us. “Are we going to Florida?” I belted it out but still pondered it in my heart for days.

Next, a dear friend had boxed me up some gifts to brighten my day around Feb. She knows the winters are hard on me, but she wasn’t able to give it to me until Pesach. We decided to plan a lunch and open it together later alone. When I opened the box, bags of sand and sea pails and other sea items were inside.  Along with the beach items was a box decorated in beautiful colors. When I opened it there were sunflowers seeds in a bag. I cried. She had a card with flip-flops and a beach view. She had thought of everything, including mango and tropical candies. I’m not even sure my friend knew how prophetic this was. By the way, this friend created and designed my last book cover. She is talented.

The next day, my husband came home from work with a huge conk shell. You know, the kind you hold up to your ear and if you listen closely, you can hear the ocean.

He said, “Someone moved out of their storage unit and asked me if I wanted this.”

I looked at him wide-eyed and said, “Is Abba telling us we are going to Florida?”
“I dunno,” he says. We will have to pray on it.”

One Friday evening, we were sitting outside listening to music and talking, and I said, “Do you think we should sell our house?” “Where would we go?? What about your job? All the questions. “What about family?”

We prayed about it and asked the Father for a sign. The following day we woke up to loud noise. I said, “what is that loud noise in our back yard (a suitable 1 1/2 acres).”  I walk to the bedroom window, and yep, you guessed it, a hot air balloon with REMAX is floating over my backyard hovering. I am trying to find my phone and open my camera because I’m thinking no one will believe this.
We set up appointments with a realtor from REMAX, and things started progressing from there, but we still didn’t know what to do. We decided to make some repairs and also French drains were needed and place it on the market. During open house my husband thought it would be a good idea to leave for a week and come to Florida and visit. That way I would not have to clean so much and leave the premises. We also wanted to pray while in Florida to see if that was the landing spot. We got an offer the first day and we accepted it.

After the inspection, we had a few repairs to take care of. One day as we drove to the dentist’s office, we received some news that the buyer was having some problems with a vanity that the plumber broke while replacing the sink. The buyer wanted us to find a new one just like it. This became impossible. We wondered if she would back out over several things. We prayed in the dentist parking lot, and I asked the Father if everything was a coincidence (Towels, shells, boxes, balloons) which I don’t believe in. I asked Him if we were making more out of the so-called signs than we should. I entered the waiting area, and the assistant came out to take me to my room; and when I sat down in the dentist chair and looked up, this was the painting I saw.

I had tears of JOY! And the dentist that filled my tooth was named Joy.

A week later, we were still unsure about the Father’s plan. It reminds me of many Bible characters like Gideon who asked for a dry or wet fleece. Some had doubt or feelings of uncertainty. Others laughed out loud on hearing their womb would feel up with life after waiting their whole life.

My husband and I had a few more hiccups and hurdles to get through with French drains and repairs that were not coming together as quickly as we needed. We continued to ask Abba if we were to come to Florida and possibly minister here. It just so happens, a few days later, we were at my second dentist appointment. Once again, we received a call that some issues were going on. I looked at hubby and said, let’s sit here a minute and pray in the parking lot again.

We prayed, and then hubby said, “look at that car’s plates in front of us.” Something I collect at times. When I looked up, it said, Sandi B. I read it “sandy beach,” and now we had a second witness and a third, and a fourth and, and, and. . .

More and more street signs were pointing us to Florida. Everything finally came together, and we sold our home. My husband received word that his place of employment was being sold and had a buyer. He no longer would be employed there. Finally, the day came to meet the lovely buyer and sign the paperwork. My realtor arrived with two books for me. The first one was called Eyes to See, the second one was You Were Made for This Moment. Oh, HalleluYah! The Father is in every detail.

As we waited for the attorney to arrive, I notice the grandfather clock in the room chimed. It had dolphins dancing around the wooden encasement. I then look on the walls and its beach themed paintings and shells. I say, “Honey look! another SIGN!”

Signs shall follow those who BELIEVE!

If you have been praying about something and wondering, asking, seeking, knocking, waiting patiently, just know, He knows the desires of your heart. He knows the perfect time. He knows the number of our days. Look at the signs. Ask Him to speak to you through His Word, Creation, and be aware of the moments that make up the day, for HE IS ALWAYS SPEAKING!



Enjoy the Poem:

Clouds as pink as flamingos shimmered through the peach-tinted sunlit sky.
Peacocks strutted past the stone archway, refusing to showcase their proud feathers.
Wooden piers stretch and curve past coconut trees and lizards as I round a corner in anticipation of a moment.

The sand engulfs my toes and pads my feet with a Warmth.
Texture delicate like flour.
The breeze blowing off the water makes the palm trees dance and the fish sing. My heart is full.
I rest my eyes as far as they will focus — Emerald water– licking up my feet with a foamy welcome.
Seagulls gather like shells, and I inhale Shalom that I haven’t felt in years.


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