Polishing Jade


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Polishing Jade is set in the 1960s in rural Mississippi, where the secrets are as sticky as the jams sold at Taylor’s General Store. Meet an odd cast of characters, including kindly Miss Ellen, a superstitious woman who plants corn in front of her living room window, Renée, a peculiar woman who instinctively knows the deeply hidden secrets of Jade, and a schoolteacher who begins the process of Polishing Jade. Jade Gentry is a young girl whose past will not control her future, even if it costs her everything. Gripping and suspenseful, Jade will leave you sighing when she sighs, running when she runs and celebrating when she is triumphant!

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Dimensions 8.5 × 5 cm

One thought on “Polishing Jade

  1. Polishing Jade is a really beautifully written book. I couldn’t put It down. It really touched my heart. I wish there was a 2nd book. There are mature topics in the book so I would recommend the book to mature 16 year olds and up but over all a really great book definitely going to read it again.

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