Prophetic Word for the Body


Prophetic Word 4/23/2021:

Back before 2020 rolled in, I was at a doctor’s appointment in a surgeon’s office. As I was waiting in a chair, a husband and wife in their late 50’s walked in the door that grabbed my attention. They looked as if they had time traveled from 1980. The woman seemed to be dressed in attire I would have worn in high school (telling my age). Her hair was permed, and her eye shadow was frosty blue. She wore a T-shirt with an 80’s rock-band logo and Levi jeans with Nike tennis shoes from that period. I thought to myself, “They need a makeover.” I instantly heard the Father say, “My Body is getting ready to get a makeover.” I was sort of struck by His words and started imagining what His Body would look like in 2020. I meditated on 2020 vision and a host of makeovers we needed. This was the first year that I did not release a prophetic word for the year.

Later, as the corona/covid virus came about and people began to wear a mask, bleach their homes, and every item, I questioned the Father about His message to me and if I had heard correctly. People were dying alone, and it was a somber time. As I pondered the makeover off and on, I realized many in ministry took to zoom/skype or other outlets to form communities online due to the virus. I did see a peak in gatherings via social media or zoom. I also felt like more people were praying for family, our nation, and Israel. However, I still did not picture the makeover as I had envisioned or heard in my spirit.

My husband and I have a small group we meet with on Wednesday nights for book club, prayer, and fellowship via zoom. As we came into 2021, we started trying to fix some issues with my website and delete older blogs, videos, and podcast that were outdated.

I permanently deleted my Facebook account and recently opened a brand new one. We also decided to go through three of my seven books meticulously. Several had been freshly edited years ago, but others needed a facelift. We then decided to give the books needing a facelift, new covers. I said, “It’s as if we are getting a makeover” which reminded me of Abba’s message at the doctor’s office.

Our Father is the Great Physician and the Surgeon whose Words can circumcise our hearts. My doctor’s name is Farmer. His Jewish name given to him by a Rabbi is Abraham. The seed of Abraham, tilling the soil, planting good seeds that produce good fruit and bringing our firstfruits to Him is what’s needed.

As I was meditating on the makeover and asking the Father what he was trying to show me and why the makeover had not happened in 2020, He began to reveal more profound things concerning makeovers. If you decide to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, it has to be gutted first. Construction starts with removing old sinks and bathtubs, old flooring (foundation), old wallpaper, and cabinets. We update the places we bake bread in by getting a new stove, or the place we keep food fresh by getting a new refrigerator. The Father was showing me rooms that were gutted and stripped. When remodeling begins, things become brand new gradually. Electricians come and bring new light fixtures. Plumbers come and unclog drains. Think refreshing makeover. 

The couple I had seen at the doctor would need to visit a hairstylist, a fashion or clothing expert. All their old garments would be removed. The old makeup would be washed off, and the hair would be cut, colored, and polished. But first, they would have to strip off the old to get a refreshing new look. Stripping and revealing ourselves requires careful time looking in the mirror (introspection) with new eyesight and vulnerability, we begin to work on our wedding garments.

When we have 2020 vision, we see what needs to be changed. It is like the person who suddenly realizes their thinking is Greek, and they need new Hebraic spectacles. Or a house that needs cleaned and stripped bare so the designer, the Great I AM, can begin to beautify His Body–cleanse, adjust the lens, and bring unity, maturity, and a willingness to change. Some of us are scared of change! Even scared of new people. We become comfortable in our locations, our routines, jobs, towns, and people around us. We become unsure or fearful of things we lack knowledge in or certain teachings we’ve only heard one point of view or side of. We can even be very suspicious of unlearning things or relearning things. Change takes hard work! When we get a new vision, we know what needs healing, repaired, refreshed, and laid on the altar. We see what needs to be bathed and perfumed and spoken to with healing words and words of correction. 

Sometime before Passover, a dear friend sent me a banner she handmade for me. The banner was breath.  Embroidered deer were leaping and soaring upward to the high places. The banner had the glory cloud, the almond blossoms (Commandments), and the mountain. The verse on the banner was taken from Psalms 29:8-9. I was meditating on His lightning and thunder at the giving of the Torah, the deer giving birth, and the stripping of the forest. 

“The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness;

The LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.

The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth

And strips the forests bare;

And in His temple everything says, “Glory!”

One blog I found brought more enlightenment:

“In Psalm 29, the Holy One brings the storm. And how!

 God is in the thunder, fire, earthquake, and floods. God’s voice is shaking

the desert and snapping trees like twigs. Even the famous “cedars of

Lebanon” are wiped out.

 What’s with all the violence?

 This text resonates with an old Canaanite myth of creation about Baal, the thunder-god who tamed the watery chaos and its wild sea monster to make creation. In Psalm 29’s reboot of that story, it’s the God of Israel who not only tames the chaos, it’s the Holy One who controls it in the first place. ( Genesis 1).

 At the end of the day in verses 10-11, it’s the Holy One who also stills

the storm, bringing strength and Shalom (peace and prosperity) to the


Psalm 29 | psalmimmersion 

Sometimes things come that shake us, strip us, and cause us to give birth early, but Adonai knows what is needed and exactly how to bring a refreshing make over and a new start. He calms the storms and protects us. While reading up on Psalm 29, I found this beautiful message below:

“Eighteen is the value of the Hebrew letters Chet and yod, which together spell the word chai, life. For this reason, 18 is considered the luckiest number. God is mentioned 18 times in both Psalm 29 and the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1-21), giving these verses special protective power.” Judaism and Numbers | My Jewish Learning

I hope this ministers to you, and that you, too, see His mighty makeover taking place.

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