Son Flower Seeds

sunny 2

She sopped me up like a piece of bread dipped in venison gravy
She said she tasted something wild even though I soaked it in vinegar
“It’s a tad gamey.”
she folded up three creases on her forehead and twisted her mouth unpleasantly.
“Buuuttt how?”
“I steeped like a teabag.
Why I submerged until my skin crinkled up like an accordion!”
She added more indentions to her scowl.
“It’s a prune, dear!”
“Dear,” sounded condemnatory.
She was no peach, but neither a prune.
I quickly sprayed Sunflower perfume on my skin,
And hoped she would get a whiff of it.
Her nostrils flared.
I absorbed her like a cotton ball full of astringent.
She got into my pours with her words.
It tingled in a cleansing manner.
Other words stung like a wasp.
I opened the window and shooed out those words.
Saving the witch hazel and rose water for my complexion.
“Can you catch it?” she said, looking somewhat concerned.
“What’s that?”
“Our words before they fly out of our fingertips or lips?”
“I’ve been trying to capture mine in a net and bathe them first.”
I started to speak but rolled it around for a bit.
It tasted like lemon drops–the letters forming words.
Sweet, yet sour.
Like a ball of snuff in my cheek, ready to drip out of my mouth.
“The bars of teeth are hard to keep locked down,” I said.
“The vapors get out.”
She bit her nail and looked worried.
“I let them out in a ball of fire, I fear.”
She chewed her index manicured digit.
“Well, if we remember to use SonShine Words, they fly out like orbs.
Glowing balls of light that penetrate clothing and even prune skin.
They inject medicine and cause hearts to come back from the dead!”
I shouted a little too loudly like a two-year-old.
“I like that,” she said–
“SonShine Words.”
“But now and then, I mistakenly let a lousy morsel or two get past me.
I ask myself, “Did I harm their character?
Did I make them look bad?
Did I send words soaring through the air sticking like wallpaper paste?”
“And what if you have?” she said with wide eyes of ginger, placing a hand over her mouth.
“Well, I gargle with Listerine!
I spit and wash and try again.”
I waited for the wasp sting but instead smelled a hint of rose water.
“Hmmm, I see.”
She seemed to like my response.
Only two creases showed on her forehead now.
I planted a field of Sunflowers, I said, sitting up straighter.
They can be contagious–attract bees as well.
They can take over a meadow.
Salty Seeds were spreading through the Wind.
She ran and got a burlap sack and untied it.
I’m knee-deep in Sunflower seeds!
“I had no idea!!
Had these hidden inside my bedroom closet.”
Her eyes now peppermint bark scented.
“They were a gift,” she beamed.
“Of course, they were!” I squealed with delight.
We danced and threw them in the air.

tekoa 6

The wind wore high heeled shoes and rained seeds that day.
We held our mouths open, and a steady stream of water began to beat down.
Suddenly we were as Naphtali running through the hills.
Leaping on the mountains,
Springing into flight!

Artwork and poetry by Tekoa.

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