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Son’s of Spirit!

the men

I have three sons of Spirit,
Sons of lightning, sons of fame.
I have three sons who live in a box on the corner begging for change.
They play trashcan drums and acoustic guitars.
They sing in the churches, and they sing in the bars.
They rise sturdy with strength like Samson.
They have arms of steel and hearts of flames.
They have eyes of knowledge from carrying much pain.
One is a prophet, the other a priest, and one will inherit the pen of my ink.
One’s hearts is like Jeremiah,
One’s heart is like Amos,
And one’s heart is a broken stallion on a ride to Venus.
One’s telescope can see all of Jupiter’s rings.
The other has a tongue that can polish anything.
One’s eyes are so childlike and gentle to behold.
One holds a Master’s in geology stones.
One’s a poet; one’s a plumber, the other one’s a thief,
Stealing the others thunder every opportunity he meets.
One’s a gamer; one’s a golfer, one’s a runner pounding cement.
One’s a tailor; one’s a sailor, one’s trying to pay the rent.
One’s a fisherman; one’s a comedian, and the other a Seer for the king.
One’s a prophet; one’s a preacher, one wears a golden ring.
I have three sons of thunder, and they’ll rise to heaven’s throne.
They’ll storm the gates of hell,
And they’ll run the race steadfast.
No matter how things look right now,
The past is but the past.
HaShem of heaven’s armies will notice their zeal,
Like Hercules, they’ll run,
Like Solomon, they’ll build!
With wisdom and knowledge, they’ll cloak peace upon their backs.
Like David with his sling, they’ll crush every giant that attacks.
I have three sons who live in the sea and surf the highest waves.
They play trashcan drums and acoustic guitars.
They sing in the churches, and they sing in the bars.
They fly through the air and sail through the seas,
I have three sons full of the Ruac, and I’m as proud as I can be!

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  1. Good tribute! You are a proud Mama! Charlene Reams Manning Hens Acre Farm Georgetown, Texas (512) 819-0803

    Let not the wise glory in wisdom, neither let the powerful glory in his power, nor the rich man in his wealth: But let those who glory boast in this, that they understand and know The Lord. Jeremiah 9:23-24

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