Bruised Plums #240

They were unpromising Words grated like cheese. Words reduced to small shreds. Words strung like pasta. Tossed like a salad Thrown together with a pinch of thyme And oregano The other morsels were small. Irritants Acidic Tomatoes, garlic, and onions Barely noticeable to the tall ones Their necks stretched out in the clouds. They see the aged with grey hair as mere babies. Standing in … Continue reading Bruised Plums #240

Chickens, Rejection, and Pecking Order

I’m not a country girl, so you can understand my shock when I learned from a good friend of mine who raises hens, that chickens will peck a newcomer to death.  As my friend began to explain to me how she had purchased four new hens to add to her group, she said, “Tekoa I wouldn’t dare just try and add one.” I sat there … Continue reading Chickens, Rejection, and Pecking Order

Look at the Animals

RunningBusyBustling lifeTraffic, smog,Corporate strifeThe air is thickThe clocks that tickThe cars race to workThe deadlines and coffee stainsStar Bucks and StarstruckSitting the evenings awayWatching the square box that lights up the roomOutsideThe stars they tap-danceThe moon sits back, illuminating the plantsThe breath of creation breathingAnimals scurryingRunningA busy owl building a nestAnts marching carrying fruitBadgers burrowing downtownCocoons hanging from limbsCaterpillars waiting to burst forthExplodeBeautiful Monarchs all … Continue reading Look at the Animals

Enjoy Chapter One Of My Memoir

Chapter 1 He Will Cause you to Serve Him My mother was urging me. “Go stand in the line, Bonnie, hurry!” I turned and looked back at the many people, young and old, waiting. It was the late 1970’s, and I was wearing a long maxi dress. The brightly colored flowers were bursting forth at the seams, and my sandals had large buckled squares that … Continue reading Enjoy Chapter One Of My Memoir