When I became terribly sick with what one neurologist said was multiple sclerosis, I had many questions as to why. Several possible reasons flooded my mind. One was a doctrine I had been taught in church concerning “generational curses.” I was upset about this and wondered how to break such a curse. I prayed with tears in my eyes and asked the Lord for mercy, … Continue reading Curses?

Why do you Speak to Him? (Doctrines of Demons #1)

(Chapter 9)I remember the power that rang through the voice that was speaking to me and commanding Satan to turn me loose. The large hand was placed on¬¬¬ my forehead, and the prayer continued with more screaming at the enemy. “Satan wants to take you out! He wants to literally destroy you, but he must bow!”Sadly, I was suddenly feeling a little prideful that Satan … Continue reading Why do you Speak to Him? (Doctrines of Demons #1)