Breathe! Awake and Live!

When I came out of surgery, I came out fighting. The nurses kept giving me more and more Dilaudid (Oxycodone type drug) until finally, I stopped breathing. Along with my husband and sister, the nurse kept shaking me and repeating, “Breathe Bonnie (Tekoa)! Breathe!” I would jolt and gasp like a person who had been underwater for a long spell. I would awake with ice … Continue reading Breathe! Awake and Live!

Holes in my Soul

I wrote this poem in 1998 at a very painful time in my life. So thankful for the Father and His healing balm. I hope you enjoy it. Holes in my Soul My friends are now obsolete. And time is bought painfully cheap. I wonder what’s the score. As you trickle down my thoughts With your ever lofty charm You trickle down my heart and … Continue reading Holes in my Soul