Hate is?

Hate is like a piece of yeast. It permeates and puffs up with satisfaction It says, “I am right!” I hold truth! I carry all knowledge! I will rebuke! It wipes its mouth with a napkin And still the juice runs Hate dripping off chins Spilling over into diaper bins And storefront shelves Magazine covers, Fake news Hatred from the SAME WOMB. What words will … Continue reading Hate is?

Blackberry Jam

You see the person you loved,The one that loved you back.They’ve quoted the same Book and sat in the same pew.You know– the right seats.The ones up close where you once thought the “important” people sitThey smile a plastic drawn on mess as you pass.No whispered hellos.What happened?You moved back two seats and then four until you were out the door. Is there still love … Continue reading Blackberry Jam