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A Poopy Situation

To be low. To sink. To bow lowly. To be humbled. We mostly think in our innermost parts that we are good because of things we do and don’t do. Things we think and don’t think upon. How we see. How we hear. But none of us escape being toxic, bitter, angry, demanding, self-seeking, etc.... Continue Reading →

Enmeshment, Human Behavior Series Part VI

  Continuing in the Human Behavior Series, Part VI series concerns enmeshment and disengagement. These are vital for healing and boundary setting. What is enmeshment? Enmeshment is a term coined by family therapist Salvador Minuchin to describe a relationship pattern in which personal boundaries are unclear or nonexistent. This means the people involved are emotionally fused or dependent... Continue Reading →


  So far in this series concerning the study of human behavior/Psychology, I have covered "The Know It All," "Passive-aggressive behavior, Codependency, and the martyr complex. Today we are going to look at triangulation. I don’t have time to cover the golden child and the scapegoat in this session, but it has much to do... Continue Reading →

The Martyr Complex

The last time we talked, the topic was The Know it All. During this series, I want to discuss issues we all deal with due to places of the heart that are not whole, low self-worth, and defensiveness. All of us have issues. When reading this series, you might think of someone in your life who... Continue Reading →