* Free Chapter* Give Your Abused Pets Treats Slowly

Thirsting for Water A devotional that brings healing to the hurting! Yes, I’ll admit it, I’ve snapped at my children, gotten angry at friends, and said things I regret. I once told my husband while we were dating that I had been through a lot and that I felt like a dog that had been beaten half to death. I informed him that when people … Continue reading * Free Chapter* Give Your Abused Pets Treats Slowly

Wholly Illuminated

This week while scrolling through social media I read a meme (below) that described my week or parts of my whole existence. The meme, along with the raw words written by a friend, pierced me. Her vulnerability at that moment ministered to me. It went to a place in my soul that needed a bandage. It helped me cry. I believe there is rainwater from … Continue reading Wholly Illuminated

Lady Bug Charlie

It all started with a dream interpretation. This blog is about friendships, beetle bugs, and fire. Ladybugs are protected by blood. . . About a month ago, I received a private dream and one character in the dream– a small talking reddish brown hen, with a bright red ladybug lit upon her back, captured my attention for various reasons. For one, this timid hen was … Continue reading Lady Bug Charlie

Follow me? Meme’s and Me Me

­­   A few months ago, I took the first steps. Like a crack addict or alcoholic breathing in a bag, I admitted I was addicted to Facebook. A couple of days ago, I hit delete and let the DT’s begin.I started realizing that I was carrying my phone with me like a 3-month-old baby and not getting much accomplished with my writing.I’d scroll through … Continue reading Follow me? Meme’s and Me Me

Author of the Month

  This month’s author of the month is a young man my husband and I met while searching for a nice restaurant in our area. We live in a rural area now and getting a nice dinner seemed out of the question until we landed at a locally owned BBQ place with a unique menu. After our first visit we made friends with several  staff … Continue reading Author of the Month