Hope the Size of Helium

It was one of those cool unisex names you hear spoken over a spunky three-year-old tomboy with ringlets– a name like Charlie, Jessie, Bobbie, and Jordan. To protect the innocent, I’ll call her Johnnie. The first time I met Johnnie is imprinted in my mind—branded even. I had just moved into a shotgun house on the other side of the tracks . . . You … Continue reading Hope the Size of Helium

Author of the Month of April

I’m so honored to feature my husband, Jeff Manning, as this month’s author of the month. He, of course, is my favorite author showcased so far! This story is one that will cause you to grab the kleenex but in a good way. At the request of my beloved wife and best friend, I would like to share a walk down memory lane with you. … Continue reading Author of the Month of April

Angry Young Man

  Oh, angry young man with your feet in your shoesAnd your fist in your HANDS.Won’t you tell me,Where are you going, angry young man? You walk with a sting of rebellion and rage.As the asphalt slaps the stride of your gait. And the nape of your nose bores into the sun.As you wrinkle your scowl at what they’ve become,It’s everything you’re not.And the festering … Continue reading Angry Young Man