The Assassin and the Altar

“The Don considered a use of threats the most foolish kind of exposure; the unleashing of anger without forethought as the most dangerous indulgence.” ― Mario Puzo, The Godfather First Kings Chapter two plays out like an assassin movie with a leading hitman. Part of David’s last words involve an interesting story where Joseph and his forgiveness towards his brothers spared a man from death … Continue reading The Assassin and the Altar

Leah the Wild Cow

A friend of mine sent me an intriguing podcast the other day about Rachel, Jacob’s wife. She was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She said, “I keep seeing Rachel everywhere!” When she said it, I thought, “that’s funny” because “I keep seeing Leah.” Oh, Leah, you break my heart. What can women learn from you and your eyes that cried a million tears? Our … Continue reading Leah the Wild Cow