Up to Half the Kingdom, Part II, Can We Drink This Cup?

Up To Half the Kingdom When I posted part one of Up to Half the Kingdom, I had typed a portion of part two already.  However, I had a chapter from my memoir (Still unpublished) titled “Can You Drink this Cup?” ringing in my head. Although I do plan on posting one more chapter on connections made with ‘up to half the kingdom,’ I believe … Continue reading Up to Half the Kingdom, Part II, Can We Drink This Cup?

Who Has a Broken Heart?

Who Has a Broken Heart? Memoir Chapter One morning in 2009, I peered into the reflection of the mirror, and I wondered who the person was staring back at me. I had been too depleted financially to get my hair done at a beauty shop and was taken by a friend to a hair design school. This is a shop where the students are learning … Continue reading Who Has a Broken Heart?

woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography

Frozen with Fear– Memoir Chapter

The prior had a few lessons I learned in elementary school. Once I had ventured through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, my mind catapulted to middle school. This place was better by far, and I had a girlfriend from my neighborhood who shared classes with me. We were into Led Zeppelin, Journey, John Travolta, and Olivia Newton-John. We went roller skating every weekend and … Continue reading Frozen with Fear– Memoir Chapter

Hope the Size of Helium

It was one of those cool unisex names you hear spoken over a spunky three-year-old tomboy with ringlets– a name like Charlie, Jessie, Bobbie, and Jordan. To protect the innocent, I’ll call her Johnnie. The first time I met Johnnie is imprinted in my mind—branded even. I had just moved into a shotgun house on the other side of the tracks . . . You … Continue reading Hope the Size of Helium

Author of the Month

It’s an honor to share this month’s “Author of the Month,” and it couldn’t be a more fitting day today because it’s her 72nd birthday. Happy birthday Charlie! I am so thankful that this kind soul came into the world and my life. Charlene Manning, no relation, came to me when I needed a friend, mentor, and even a mother figure, and she filled all … Continue reading Author of the Month

Enjoy Chapter One Of My Memoir

Chapter 1 He Will Cause you to Serve Him My mother was urging me. “Go stand in the line, Bonnie, hurry!” I turned and looked back at the many people, young and old, waiting. It was the late 1970’s, and I was wearing a long maxi dress. The brightly colored flowers were bursting forth at the seams, and my sandals had large buckled squares that … Continue reading Enjoy Chapter One Of My Memoir