BOOK REVIEW: Walter – The Homeless Man by Tekoa Manning Best Blog India!

BOOK REVIEW: Walter – The Homeless Man by Tekoa Manning November 2, 2017 @amanhimself  Link for Review Pages: 512, Paperback Published: 2013 by It’s All about Him, Inc. Cover Rating: 4/5 I am glad I got the chance to read this exceptional work. It is a wonderful feeling for a reader to read a book that … More BOOK REVIEW: Walter – The Homeless Man by Tekoa Manning Best Blog India!

Blackberry Jam

You see the person you loved,The one that loved you back.They’ve quoted the same Book and sat in the same pew.You know– the right seats.The ones up close where you once thought the “important” people sitThey smile a plastic drawn on mess as you pass.No whispered hellos.What happened?You moved back two seats and then four … More Blackberry Jam

Cherry Trees in Winter

For the past few months, the very word “cherry tree blossom” has been magnified in my spirit. It all started back in November or December while watching a movie called “Saving Mr. Banks.” This film is about the author of Mary Poppins and how her children’s classics came about. Although the author is quite cantankerous … More Cherry Trees in Winter

Walter, Chapter #1

­­ Walter Chapter 1      Walter Kendal lay beside the tree stump, his head resting behind his arms in a heap of fall leaves. The air was crisp and cool with a freshness that beckoned the sun to come up. The tall evergreens trees stretched their arms towards the horizon. The woods were faintly dark with … More Walter, Chapter #1