Thirsting For Water

It brings me great joy to share this devotional with you. It is unique and not a typical daily devotional but a blast of twenty-four teachings that will awaken your spirit, man. In Hebrew, the number twenty-four is “kad” or pitcher. There are twenty-four books in the Hebrew Bible, and they are as a pitcher of refreshing water being poured out on the thirsty. Yes, the number twenty-four is a number dear to my heart, so dear indeed that I am adding a free chapter of Blow a Trumpet in Tekoa in closing. The bonus chapter covers the Feast of First Fruits, and a prophetic look at the Twenty-Four Elders gathered around the throne.

  Thirsting for Water is divided into sections and gives the reader the ability to maneuver from topic to topic. Each unit has three different encouraging teachings on circumstances that affect us, like faithlessness, wounds that won’t heal, pecking orders, loving our enemies, and more. There is a fountain of water for those who thirst. Drink up, my friends.

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