Walter The Homeless Man

    Meet a man named Walter. At night he sleeps under the stars, but during the day he breaks into a young widow’s home for shelter and changes not just her life but every life he touches.  He is the most ordinary man you would ever meet, a retired insurance salesman, Army veteran, husband, father and grandfather. Then his beloved Ruthie becomes laden with Alzheimer’s disease and no longer recognizes him. This misfortune causes Walter to run from the pain and leave his children to deal with it alone. Take a journey with an ordinary man, who evokes the most extraordinary spirit in everyone he meets. Allow Walter to change your heart, your dreams and even your direction as He and his homing pigeon Jackie whisper into your spirit.

     Enjoy this captivating story about loss, integrity, forgiveness and redemption. This book brings revelation that indeed appearances may be deceiving and forgiveness can be attainable regardless of the pain. I dare you to start reading, because once you begin on a journey with Walter you will find yourself forever changed.

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Scott R. Pollak is the fabulous narrator of the audio version of this book.