Satan Unmasked

Satan Unmasked examines passages of scriptures concerning Satan and the origins of how he evolved into doctrines and belief systems, taking on many different forms as the embodiment of evil. In Christianity, Satan has developed into God’s adversary, a fallen angel. However, in Psalms and the Book of Job, Satan is likened to a prosecuting attorney in the Heavenly Court. 

Jumping for Joy

Can sorrow open the doorway to joy? Tekoa Manning peels back the layers of despair to reveal the key to finding and defining joy. Our suffering is often producing the fruit of the Spirit. Jumping for Joy highlights Harriet Tubman, Nicholas James Vujicic, Joni Eareckson Tada, and the author’s own personal journey and the beautiful lessons learned. Joy is sitting right next to sorrow.


Thirsting for Water

Traveling through a dry, empty desert with rolling tumbleweeds can leave us with cracked lips and a parched spirit. We travel to the well in the heat of the day, hunting for water, but after a short time, we realize we are still dehydrated. We need the Messiah and His Living Water to flow out of our innermost beings.


Polishing Jade

Polishing Jade is a Christian novel that is centered around a woman’s journey through faith, healing, and transformation. Jade Gentry is a shy introvert with an old soul and an abusive, alcoholic father. One night after a loud poker party, a drunken friend of Jade’s father sneaks into her room and commits an unthinkable act. Scared and afraid, Jade seeks shelter at Taylor’s General Store, where her friend Dillon, a young African American store clerk, works. Jade confides in him about the assault and longs for him to protect her and cover the pain, but in the 1960s rural Mississippi, such friendships could cost them their lives. 


Sixty-seven-year-old Walter Kendal isn’t your typical homeless man. He wears London Fog and is accompanied by a pet homing pigeon named Jackie. After fleeing devastating personal events, Walter is accused of a crime he did not commit. Now a fugitive on the run, Walter sleeps under the stars at night but during the day enters a young widow’s home for shelter while she is at work and changes not only her life but every life he touches.  Walter is a suspenseful, meaningful Christian novel built around a dynamic person. Walter will become more than a fictional character; he will become a dear friend.

The Spirit of Leviathan

Tekoa Manning brings her readers right inside the cave with David as he hides from Saul, feigns himself mad, and pants for water like a deer trying to cover his scent. During this traumatic journey, David pens some of the most poignant passages in our Bibles due to this crushing from the sea serpent.

Although Leviathan is a mythological creature, his characteristics in the Book of Job mimic the seven deadly sins in Proverbs 6:16-19.

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