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Hi, I’m Tekoa Manning. That’s me in the photo on the left. I’m with my father and sister at a book signing. I love books. The smell of books is like a box of Crayola crayons–152. As a child, I would open a box and sniff the colors. When I get a new book, it feels like that. To me, books are like an unopen treasure box right inside the pages. We can escape and travel anywhere by reading a good book.  Books hold wisdom and knowledge, and words that create pictures in our minds even if our bodies or bank accounts do not allow for travel. For me, words are like air. With our words, we can lift someone’s spirit, bring healing balm, and even correction. Words are powerful.  If you are a lover of words, then check out my latest blog while you’re here.

I am the author of two novels, Walter the Homeless Man and Polishing Jade. These books are available in Kindle, Paper, and audio. Walter is fast-paced with cliffhangers and suspense. This book reveals that appearances may be deceiving, and forgiveness can be attainable regardless of the pain.

Polishing Jade is a book for anyone who has ever suffered abuse. Jade Gentry is a young girl whose past will not control her future even if it cost her everything.  Let me know if you enjoy this book.

I also write inspirational teaching books concerning the greatest words ever written, the Bible.  My latest release, The spirit of Leviathan, Jezebel, and Athaliah, is ideal for book clubs and study groups. Each chapter closes with a question review page that causes great personal introspection. Check out my Shop tab under the menu to order from me or the link that takes you to Amazon. If you are not an Amazon fan, most of my books can be ordered online from Barnes and Nobel, or I will ship you as many as you like.  

I hope you will take the time to escape with a novel and a beverage of your choice. Shut off the noise and pick up a book that becomes a travel agent that takes you way and ministers to your soul.



Listen to a podcast on dream interpretation with me and Kisha– Here Comes That Dreamer!


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