Tekoa Manning is a prolific writer with a passion for the brokenhearted.

Manning’s fictional works Polishing Jade and Walter the Homeless Man are inspirational faith-based books that touch on women’s issues, integrity, forgiveness, and redemption.

Her non-fiction tackles topics that have divided believers for centuries, including heaven and hell, spirits, Satan, salvation and the feast days. Her popular three-part series Doctrines of Demons specifically unravels the traditions of man from the truths of God.

A graduate of Jefferson College, Manning began writing when a neurological illness left her disabled and eventually homeless. It was during this time, she devoured the Bible and gained a desire to share spiritual truths.

As a former prayer director and counselor, Manning remains a passionate minister to those in need and also hosts Obadiah’s Cave, where she uses her gift of dream interpretation to help others.

The mother of three sons and the wife of a retired police chief and Pastor, Manning and her husband reside in Kentucky.

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Listen to a recent interview of Tekoa with Dr. Robin Gould on The BEKY Books Show radio program. Program starts at the 8:47 timestamp.

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