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Welcome, visionaries, dreamers, and readers. I’m Bonnie “Tekoa” Manning. Where to begin on this speed date? I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love research, poetry, dream interpretation, and creation.  Since 2007 I have been studying ha-Satan, Spirits, Sickness and Demons from a Hebraic perspective and some hands-on training.

Do you need healing for the soul?  Jumping for Joy in the Midst of Sorrow. 

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Tekoa Manning took me on her journey of discovering Joy in the midst of her Sorrows. And in the midst of her journey of discovering joy, I, too, discovered my Joy! Joy in the midst of MY Journey!

I had no idea that reading this beautiful book would help prepare me for the journey of walking my beloved mother “home to The Garden.” But it did. How can I ever express the depth of my gratitude?

I discovered in this book that sorrow creates the space for JOY to abide. I discovered that sorrows are the companion to joy and not the enemy of joy. What a perspective change for me. If I had not experienced the depths of sorrows, I would never have been able to appreciate the heights of joy.

Tekoa takes our hand and walks us through the darkest places of her own experiences… but she doesn’t leave us there to pity her or to be overwhelmed with her sorrow. No, she holds our hand as she walks us through the darkest places and into the beautiful open spaces where she discovered Joy… so that we can do the same. And I did! And so can you.

I highly recommend this book. This will make amazing gifts for your friends and family too.

I hope these writings here bless you abundantly!
Blessings and Shalom,
Tekoa Manning

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